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In its effort of local empowerment towards development and sharing of information, Friendship North-South has the pleasure of presenting its new database: Mambo*

Through Mambo we wish to share valuable, innovative and successful local development experiences undertaken by Friendship North-Sur development groups. These groups are made up of everyday people implementing concrete solutions aimed at solving local challenges with a global perspective.

The examples included in Mambo represent Friendship North-South’s basic development cooperation principles of equality and reciprocity. Also, they deal with the strategic issues of environment, democracy, social participation and entrepreneurial spirit.

With Mambo’s concrete examples we wish to motivate potential change agents and show that “it can be done”, that it is possible. Show that some “development friendship groups” are already succeeding. Show that they are creating fair, sustainable and peaceful development in the North and the South. This development is driven through participation and cooperation of the local base groups.

We hope that the examples presented in Mambo will serve as inspiration and motivation for other communities and other processes in similar situations.

If you wish to contribute to Mambo with a concrete project, please contact Friendship North-South (

* The word Mambo comes from Swahili and is used as a casual greeting among youths. It means: “How’s it going? Through Mambo we wish to present “how it’s going” with the local, sustainable development that the change agents of Friendship North-South are using to improve their local communities.

How to navigate
Chose country, project theme or keyword in the word cloud to find examples of your interest. The list of countries on your left can also help you to navigate. Further down, the list of themes and keywords can guide you to articles you might wish to explore. The examples show what is done, how, and the results of the projects. Once inside an article post, you can let the keyword tags listed at the bottom-line guide you further. Enjoy browsing!