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Friendship North/South working for a sustainable, peaceful and just development fostered by the participation and cooperation of the common people.Through global cooperation we empower people to be able to influence their own communities. Friendship North / South creates the conditions for local development and entrepreneurship

We support cooperation projects between local groups / organizations north and south and between groups / institutions in the South.
We are an international network of communities, municipalities, schools and individuals who are dedicated to working relationships of mutual cooperation, equality and friendship development. Receive support from NORAD and Fredskorpset.

For the year 2015 Friendship North / South has merged the Local community programe and the Elimu school partnership program to Elimu partnership program. Both schools and communities groups have received grants for their partnership cooperation through this program. Focus this year is education, and those who recieve grants work on this theme, quality of education and global education. Read more about the Elimu partnership program


guttegruppe red

Students from  Kuben secondary school in Oslo and St.Josep's Training Centre in Uganda in solving local environmental and poverty issues.


 Sagene Amazonas

 Cooperation on enviromental issues and the rainforest between  Huni Kuin people from Amazonans and youth from Sagene, Oslo